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Do not wait for rat or mouse infestations to go on their own if you suspect you have them. Don’t hesitate to call us right away if you have a rodent problem since it needs to be handled as promptly and expertly as possible. To help our customers with any rat control needs they may have, our Rodent Control Adelaide experts are ready to help you.

Rodent treatment and control can be a very difficult task when they will infest. It can be challenging to drive away rats and mice because they can crawl into difficult-to-reach holes. Since getting rid of them is such a difficult chore, you must take action as soon as possible. This will save you from getting rid of those uncomfortable rodents, rats & mice and other problems explained below.

  • Possibly many diseases are carried by the common mouse, rats, and rodents. Mice control solves the issue. Rodents cause a variety of hygienic problems. It causes infections.
  • You may not be aware that rats have a flexible skull that helps them to easily fit into small spaces, but they can also climb up to three feet, walk vertically on a variety of surfaces, and jump up to three feet. Rodents can fit into spaces that even mice find too small because they are much better climbers than they are. This behaviour of rodents can damage your property. 
  • Rat might prefer the basement and upper floor in the course of looking for access points. These are a few of the areas where rodents frequently enter the house and move around the house. Rodent control will handle the job, saving you from going to explore those hidden spaces that can be home to a rodent infestation.
  • Rats can chew a lot of the materials in your house, so they might damage anything. Rat control is a  way to evaluate your entire area and use the best solution for removing rats and mice.

The Resistive Nature of Rodents

Since rodents have developed an intolerance to foods high in carbs, standard formulations of bait are almost completely avoided by rodent populations. Biochemical resistance occurs when an animal’s metabolic processes detoxify and eliminate toxins quickly enough to enable it to survive what would typically be a deadly amount.

Due to DNA mutation brought on by exposure to rodenticide chemicals, the rodents that are not harmed by common poisons have not developed a resistance to them. There is not enough time for that. Instead, they are protected from the poisons in rodenticides through a naturally occurring genetic mutation.

Rodents have developed a resistance to poison. During DNA replication, genetic changes help genes adapt. Additionally, there is evidence to support the idea that mice have improved warfarin metabolism, which lessens the medication’s impact.

Signs of Rodent Infestation

Do you think there are rodents in your area? Are you trying to remove any rats or mice that may be hidden around your house? Check out our list of some of the most typical symptoms of a rodent infestation.

  • An excellent tip for detecting mice and rats can be unpleasant new odours in the house. Many rodent infestations, usually more significant ones, have an unpleasant bad smell or stale foul smell.
  • The teeth of rats continue to grow indefinitely, unlike ours. Without continual chewing to maintain their bottom teeth straight and their jaws strong, mice and rats could not survive. Additionally, rodents use their teeth to enlarge gaps so they can fit into them and dig tunnels and holes.
  • You might even hear moving sounds coming from behind the walls during the late-night hours when rats and mice are most busy in their hunting for food.
  • Indeed, mice and rats are dirty. As they go through dusty tunnels and muddy roads, their fur gathers grease, oil, and dirt. As a result of their poor vision, they must rely on their other senses to move about, and when going to and from their sources of food and water, they frequently follow familiar routes. This may indicate a rat issue.

Our Treatments for Your Rodent Problems 

  1. Area Inspection: When it comes to rats and mice, attics and basements are particularly problematic, especially when improperly sealed. In the first phase of our Rodent Control Service, we will inspect your area, from where the rodents are coming, and then we will start the process.
  2. Traps and Baits: Our rodent pest control team checks for paths, droppings, rodent signals, and access points (how rats are getting in). Our professionals will put traps and baits around your home and property once they have an understanding of how rodents are behaving within your home. 
  3. Hideouts Treatment: Don’t give up on your problem since you can’t see any big mice nests behind you. Our skilled exterminators know just where to look for your rodents and how to assist you in getting rid of them. We destroy their hideouts. 
  4. Dead Rodent Removal: Our Rodent Control Service Adelaide team has specialised equipment to locate and remove dead rodents from buildings, whether you know where they are or not. If they are visible, we can remove them.
  5. Follow-Up Treatment: To keep your home safe and secure so that you can live in peace and enjoy it, hiring professional pest control services is the best option. We follow up for further services. Exclusion, closing up access points and disinfection are all included in our services. 

Rodent Exterminator Service Available Adelaide Wide

Rodent Control Today is here to help you in making your residential and commercial premises rodent-free. We are available 24×7 in Adelaide. Book your Rat Removal Adelaide service right away and get rid of your sleepless nights. We are available Adelaide-wide. Where are you living in Adelaide? Share your location and the problem with us and get the best service. 

Why Call Our Team For The Most Effective Rodent Control Service in Adelaide?

For all kinds of properties, Rodent Control Today offers specialised rat pest control services. Our objective is to provide a detailed plan for rodent control treatment and serve as a trusted advisor for our clients over the long term without spending extra charges. If you require top-notch rodent control services in the Adelaide region, contact us today. Some reasons for calling us are:

  • We provide quick expert advice and rodent control service to homes and businesses 24×7.
  • Our goal is to give you a stress-free, affordable solution to protect you and your property against rodents using industry-leading techniques with a strong focus on security for people, pets, and the environment.
  • We provide affordable payment plans as well as a 100% money-back guarantee on dissatisfaction.
  • We are prepared to take care of your rodent problems, saving you time and effort while providing you peace of mind.


Yes, you can usually get rid of mice with traps or poison if you only have one or two that haven’t yet built a nest within your home. However, the issue can easily spiral out of control if mice build nests and start reproducing. So you must hire a professional in the case of an infestation.

Rodents or mice do not leave on their own unless they find no source of food and water; therefore hiring a professional rodent control service expert is essential if you want to completely get rid of them from your home.

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