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The presence of rodents and mice is a serious concern for your home, the main reasons for their presence are food, shelter, and water. Rodents not only spread dirt and bad smell, but they also spread many diseases, and they contaminate your food and water. Rodent Control Melbourne is the only solution to get rid of these problems.

This species is fast growing and can be easily grown in places like your roof, kitchen, bed, water pipes, duct system, or garden of your house. So instead of worrying about this, you can call Rodent Control Today professionals, we are the reputed Mouse Removal Melbourne team and providing our services for the last 20 years.

We serve Melbourne as well as all suburbs. So call us to get rid of rodents professionally.

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    100% Effective Rat Removal and Mice Pest Control Melbourne

    Pest control alone is not enough but effective pest and rodent control and removal solutions are necessary. You must schedule a professional rodent exterminator to deal with it. We work 24 by 7 in Melbourne and help people with our guaranteed services. Our rodent pest controllers do give a proper analysis report about the detailed treatment that has been performed. We are masters and certified for:

    • Professional Rat Control
    • Exclusive Rodent Control
    • Mice Removal Treatment

    The Rodent Control Process We Follow


    Examine your property

    rat control melbourne

    Examine your property

    Examine your property


    Set up mechanical traps

    Professional Rat Control Service

    Set up mechanical traps

    Set up mechanical traps



    Rodent Control and Removal Melbourne

    Rodenticide baits

    Rodenticide baits


    Set up bait stations

    Rat Removal Melbourne

    Set up bait stations

    Set up bait stations


    Fumigate for

    Rodent and Mice Control in Melbourne

    Fumigate for mice

    Fumigate for mice


    Sealing Off Of Entry Points

    Rodent Control Melbourne

    Sealing Off Of Entry Points

    Sealing Off Of Entry Points

    Signs of a Rodent Infestation

    While rats and mice are more likely to invade your house during the cold season of the year, they can also be discovered indoors during hotter seasons. If a rodent, such as a mouse or a rat, is found inside a home in the late spring, they’ve probably been around since the winter! Here are some signs of rodent infestation that can make it easy to know that you have an infestation.

    • Finding mouse feces is one of the most typical and telling symptoms that a rodent has taken up residence in your house. Droppings, which range in size from 1/8 to 14 inches long, are left behind in areas where items are stored, such as the fridge and storage.
    • The sound of movement, especially at night, is tough because these pests are fast.
    • Gnaw marks on edibles left open in the house.
    • Paper cuttings, wire damage, and others are done by rodents.
    • You might see some rats running during the day.
    • Finding holes and scraps near them is typically done by rodents.

    Diseases Spread by Rodents

    Rodents can have a negative impact on your sleep and health. To live a calm and happy life, it is necessary to eradicate and prevent rodents. Rodents are also popular for spreading diseases. The plague is one of the deadliest diseases in human history caused by rats and mice. Some other diseases spread by rodents are:

    • Hantavirus
    • Leptospirosis
    • Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV)
    • Tularemia and Salmonella
    • Rat Bite Fever

    Leptospirosis and typhus fever are very common in Australia. Australia has a large number of indigenous rodents and many times a year people suffer from rodent infestation in various forms.

    Need Emergency Mouse Exterminator Melbourne Team? Ring us Now!

    For a pest management emergency or any emergency mouse control Melbourne requirement, call us on our toll-free number 0488 854 172. You can share your pest problem, pest control requirements, and location and we will send a quick rodent pest control team to you. We have been providing quality emergency rodent pest control services in Melbourne for many years now. With advanced techniques of catching and controlling pests, you can sit back and relax when we service. Moreover, our pest control procedures are safe for pets and families. Even if you are searching for “affordable pest control near me” do reach out to us!

    Rodenticides Chemicals

    Rodenticides Chemicals That We Use

    Rodenticides are chemicals used to kill rodents such as rats and mice. There are many types of rodenticides available in the market, each with a different mode of action. Anticoagulant rodenticides such as warfarin, dafacinone, and bromadiolone work to weaken the body’s ability to produce blood clots, causing fatal internal bleeding in rodents. Non-anticoagulant rodenticides, such as bromethalin and cholecalciferol, work to inhibit the rodent’s nervous system, causing paralysis or other lethal effects. Zinc phosphide is another type of rodenticide that releases a toxic gas into the rodent’s stomach, killing the rat within hours. While these chemicals are effective in controlling rodent populations, they can also pose a risk to other animals and humans if not used properly. Therefore, it is important to follow safety guidelines and use rodenticides only as directed by the manufacturer.

    Why Consider Us For Rodent or Rat Control in Melbourne?

    Rodent Control Today has been nominated as Melbourne’s No. #1 pest exterminators by our clients. You may check our reviews section for more! Some benefits that you will enjoy by booking us are:

    • Timely Service: All of our pest control Melbourne specialists have strong work ethics. We are punctual and always deliver service on or before time.
    • Same-Day Bookings: Our rodent removal Melbourne company is open 24/7 for same-day rodent pest control bookings in Melbourne. So, you are free to schedule your wishful pest treatment at any time.
    • Affordability: We have kept customers’ expectations and budget in mind while deciding our pest control charges. Furthermore, we are affordable and economical rodent treatment providers in Melbourne.
    • Unique Techniques: By combining the latest techniques and traditional methods, we have designed unique and effective pest management services.
    • Green Pest Control: All the pest removal solutions that we put into use are nature friendly. Therefore, by choosing us you are getting green pest control.
    Rodent Control Today Melbourne Van

    Rodent Control Today Melbourne

    Location :-

    Melbourne, VIC, Australia, 3000

    0488 854 172

    Hours of Operation : Mon-Sun 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM

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    Our Happy Customer

    Effortless and quick!

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    1 December 2022

    Excellent service is provided by this team. It is highly recommended. This was my first time using a rodent control team. This team is amazing and does everything clearly. That’s great!


    Good For My House

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    1 December 2022

    The best rodent controllers that you may not find everywhere and the process they use are eco-friendly. The experience of dealing with them has filled me with confidence to trust this company again.


    Skilled And Professional Team

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    1 December 2022

    The technician solved my rodent infestation issue in one attempt, walked around the property with me, answered all of my questions patiently, and did the required actions. A few hours later, my house was rodent-free.



    “I have experience of many years of getting helpful services from Rodent Control Today. Sometimes it really gets hard to control rodents but then I always call this team. Moreover, they explain the safety aspects of each chemical, so I feel confident that the treatment is safe.

    Kylie Adams

    “This company is a real expert in rodent pest control services. I highly recommend Rodent Control Today for all homeowners! I found them punctual, professional, and knowledgeable every time I called them. Thanks so much for everything.

    Acacia Sander

    “I am Roger. I recommend the rodent control services of this company. I am a witness to getting top-notch, professional assistance from beginning to end. Throughout the service, they were clear and professional. Thanks to the technicians.

    Kevin Anderson

    FAQs You Have Questions, We Have Answers

    You must check the bait because this happens when a mouse gets caught in the trap. This works as an alert for other mice.

    We have various resources and tools to control rodents. We use mechanical traps, rodenticides, live-catching traps and bait stations for controlling rodents.

    Rats are most active during the night. But you can also find them active during the day if they have infested your house.

    Yes, of course. We are open for bookings 24 by 7 through the week and year. You can call us up anytime in Melbourne for rodent and other pest control services.

    Mechanical traps, rodenticides spray, and bait stations are the top 3 ways to effectively control rodents.

    Location: 111 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
    Ph No: 0488 854 172


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