Dead Rat Removal

Dead Rats In Your Home Or Office Area, We Are Here To Assist!

Dead rats can make your life threatened. If you want to get rid of them immediately then Rodent Control Today will always be there to assist you. We serve residential and commercial customers throughout Australia for rodent problems. If you see any of the dead rats near your house or office then we are here to assist you and you can contact us anytime by calling us on our contact number today.

Dead Rat Removal

Signs Of The Presence Of Rats

There are various signs to identify rats and you have to only notice them. Some of them are as follows:

  1. If you find rat droppings that are concentrated in specific locations.
  2. They follow various routes along skirting boards and walls which helps in navigation and various rub marks which leave smudges and dark marks.
  3. At night, if you have rats then it is very common to hear scratching noises and grinding noises.
  4. They form many burrows or holes for shelter, food storage and nesting.
  5. Their nests can be easily found in lofts, under eaves, attics and even in the cavity of walls.
  6. Rats leave their footprints and tail marks in dusty, less-used areas and in many other places.
  7. When you enter your home from outside, you find your house smells very odd.

How Can You Remove Bad Odour Of Dead Rats

There are many ways to remove the bad odour that comes from dead rats but some standardised processes to remove this stink are as follows:

  1. Use of odour neutralizer: If the odour is unignorable then you can use an odour neutralizer which has a higher amount of rotten odour than the smell of dead rat and so it has the ability to neutralise it.
  2. Increase the airflow: In this situation, it is suggested to increase the airflow from outside to inside and vice versa so that you can always feel the fresh air.
  3. Mop up: Mop up your floors and furniture by making use of cleaning agents and other effective detergents.
  4. Wash properly: Use gentle detergents for washing them properly so that all odour gets removed. After drying in the sun, they become free from all types of odours.

Why Should You Agree To Our Dead Rat Removal Service?

Dead Rat Removal Service

Whether rats are dead or alive, they harm us in many ways. When they are alive, they damage our property and when they become dead, they infect our health by causing various diseases. So, be careful and allow Rodent Control Today to eradicate dead rats from your house due to the following reasons:

  • Quick response: As time passes, the dead rat infection increases more and so you need fast services and for this, you should come to us for a quicker response.
  • Trained technicians: There are some specific procedures for the removal of dead rats that only professionals know and as our experts are perfectly trained, they are a good choice for you.
  • Experienced experts: We are an expert group of professionals who know how to remove the dead bodies of rats without leaving any infection behind as we have done this type of work for many years.
  • Safe removal: Our customer’s safety is our priority and we completely remove these rats without the usage of any chemicals which may affect you.
  • Same day service: We are known for on-time services as we understand your situation and problem in a better way. So we try to provide you with services as soon as possible so that you do not have to deal with the problem for a longer period of time.