Gopher Removal

Gopher Removal Melbourne – Gopher Trapping & Control Service

Gophers are a common pest that can be quite destructive to your property. They are also known as pocket gophers and if you find them in your area, contact us. With our Gopher Removal services, you can get rid of these pests and live in peace.

Rodent Control Today offer a wide variety of gopher control services to our customers. These services include trapping, exclusion, and poison baits. We also use eco-friendly ways to detect the problem and remove gophers from your property. So, call our gopher pest controllers for the services and we assure you that we will be at your place for providing the services.

Gopher Removal Melbourne

The Usual Signs of Gophers In Your Yard

Gophers are small rodents with long, cylindrical bodies and short limbs. They have a pointed snout, round ears, and small eyes. Gophers dig underground tunnels that they use as their main form of transportation. Gophers have fur on their bodies but they don’t have any hair on their tail or ears. The tunnel systems can be extensive and can extend up to 50 feet from the entrance hole in some cases. The tunnel system is used for food storage and nesting sites for the gopher.

If you see any of these signs in your yard then you might have gophers living there:

  • Fresh dirt mounds around your yard
  • Plants being eaten away 
  • Piles of dirt near the base of plants
  • Holes in your lawn
  • Chewed plant roots at ground level

Gophers: How To Get Rid Of Them

Gopher Removal is a process that requires a lot of time and effort. It is not something that can be done overnight. Gophers live in burrows underground and feed on the roots of plants. Our specialist will utilize traps or burrow fumigation treatments, depending on the gopher population and will charge according to the size of your property.

  • Trapping

Due to their intricate tunnel and burrow networks, gophers are not good candidates for trapping in big populations, even though it works well in smaller ones. If we use traps, it is not very useful for the big gopher population. So, first, we prefer to inspect the property and make sure that everything is done with perfection while setting traps so that we can proceed professionally.

  • Fumigation of tunnels

Burrow fumigation may be necessary for larger colonies of gophers. We use this fumigation treatment for killing gophers with professional techniques. By surrounding the region with a fatal gas and then blocking off all tunnels and entrances, burrow fumigation treatments eliminate gophers from subterranean burrows.

Our Rodent Control professionals are liable to follow all federal and state wildlife management rules and regulations and are properly licensed. We offer these Gopher Removal services for both residential and commercial properties.

Gopher Removal

Ways To Protect Your Yard From Gophers

Gophers are a big problem for many people, as they can cause thousands of dollars in damage to an individual’s property. They are often found in yards and gardens, and they can also damage irrigation systems, lawns, and trees. Fortunately, some natural prevention tips will be very beneficial in keeping gophers away from your yard and property. Well, inspection is always the first step in any pest case. To identify the type of gopher, use some tricks and equipment. There are two types of gophers: the ground-dwelling pocket gopher and the tree-dwelling western or eastern mole.

  • Deterrents: Gophers will also come in through any openings they can find around the foundation of your home or building. One way to deter gophers is by using garlic cloves or coffee grounds around the perimeter of the yard. Both of these items will make the area smell bad and gophers don’t like it. It is important to use repellents that have a strong smell because gophers have poor eyesight.
  • Repellents: There are also different types of repellents that you can use on your property such as peppermint oil, castor oil, or chilli peppers. These items will make the area taste bad and gophers don’t like them either. It is important to use repellents that have a strong taste.
  • Seal all entry points: You can also control gophers by identifying where they are getting into your yard, home, or garden. They will most likely be coming in through an opening in your yard, such as a hole under your porch, around your fence line, or along your property line. So, seal all entry points and holes.

If you are unable to do these tricks, call us for Professional Gopher Removal. We will be available at your service soon.