Some Common Rats And Mice Species Found In Australia

Rodents are of various types and species. Some of the rodent types are mice, rats, moles, voles, gophers, and so on. All these types of rodents are pretty similar to one another but have their own distinctive characteristics. In this blog, you can learn about Some Common Rats And Mice Species Found In Australia. In order to get rid of rodents from your house in case of infestation, you must be able to differentiate between them. Mice and rats are very similar to each other.

Some Common Rats And Mice Species Found In Australia

Here Is Some Common Rats and Mice Species Found in Australia

It is very important to know some common rats and mouse species Found In Australia if you want to know effective ways to rodent control today. This can help you to deal with them easily. 


  • Norway rat- These rats are reddish-brown that grow up to 12-18 inches in size. They have round, flat, and thick body structures. Norway rats are usually found in burrows. They generally take shelter near water sources. Such rats can feed on anything that is available around them. As they live near water sources, their primary food is fish and meat. They can also feed on grains such as wheat, rice, corn, etc. 
  • Roof rats- Roof rats are the most commonly found rats. They are most likely to get in your house. Not only do they infest your home but they also damage your property. They are usually dark grey in colour and grow up to 13-17 inches in size. They are lean, stout, and much thinner than Norway rats. Such rats have sharp, pointed noses which is a distinguished characteristic of rats. They nest in trees and rooftops. Their diet generally includes grains, seeds, fruits, vegetables, and much more. Roof rats are likely to infest your kitchens. So, next time you hear any commotion from your kitchen, make sure to check out for roof rats. 


  • House mice- The most common kind of mice found in every household is house mice. They are black or grey in colour and grow up to 6-7 inches. They are small in size as compared to rats. These mice nest in different corners of the house, hence they are named house mice. They feed on almost anything that is found in your house. Food such as grains, meat, fish, and cereals can be counted in their diet. These small-bodied pests create havoc in your home. They chew on things and damage your property. 
  • Deer mice- These rats are usually round with lean and slender bodies. They have pointed noses and large black eyes. Deer mice have a white belly with a grey or brownish-red body. They can grow up to 5-8 inches. These mice generally feed on other insects, fruits, and fungi. Such mice are not found in residential areas a lot as they prefer to live in forests and woods. They nest in tree cavities, wood logs, and stumps. 

You can see that some common rats and mouse species found In Australia have many similarities among them, such as oversized front teeth, and chewing ability, causing and spreading various diseases. But, you must look out for the differences whenever you want to get rid of them. You can even take the help of professionals to get rid of rodents or you can use some DIYs. 

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