What Are The Methods of Rodent Control?

Rodents are the biggest problem if they are available in your most used living spaces. Rats and mice are fast and clever creatures that hide in the smallest cracks or holes and make their shelter. They come out of their place, whenever they don’t hear/sense any movement. The moment they don’t hear any sound, they come out and may destroy your daily usage like sofa, clothes, food, and much more. Therefore, it’s important to get rid of this problem on time. Therefore, to overcome such a problem, we have to use various methods of rodent control. Check the most reliable methods of rodent control below. 

Methods of Rodent Control

 Top 5 Methods of rodent control

1. Glue Boards 

The Glue Board method is one of the safest methods for pest control. It consists of a sticky plastic tray/piece of cardboard or similar material designed to control pests, that is coated with the sticky adhesive. As soon as a rodent touches the tray or passes on it, it gets stuck on the tray. Hence, the rodents slowly die on the tray. The rodent dies due to suffocation or starvation. 

In itself, it is a trap intended to capture them. Among others, this is not an effective method of rodent control. As rats can set themselves free or drag the tray along with them.

The method of glue board trap is considered to be an inhumane choice because it leads to a painful and slow death with numerous injuries. Injuries are caused when the rodent tries to detach himself from the adhesive tray. These glue board traps are easily available at grocery stores, hardware stores, and retail stores. 

2. Live Traps

The name itself suggests the trapping of live rodents. Rats and mice are keen to observe the holes and cracks present in an ambience. Once they hide in those cracks and holes, it’s very difficult to catch them. Trapping a rodent can save your place. The only struggle with this live trapping method of rodent control is that you have to deal with the live animal. 

You have 2 options to control the rodents i.e. 1. You can kill them 2. You can release them at a safe place either in an open area or far away residential area so that they cannot re-enter and cause the same problem. But the drawback of catching the live rodent is that it may cause health risks. In case, you are facing any problem related to alive or dead rodents then please do note that you take accurate measures. Wearing a mask and gloves while dealing with rodents is a must. 

3. Electronic Trap 

The most modern technique of getting rid of rodents is Electronic Trap. These are available and can be used for both rats and mice. The electronic trap is a battery-powered trap that delivers an electric shock that kills the rodent on the spot.

4. Multiple-catch Live Mouse Trap

This technique is used mainly for a larger area to eradicate rodents. In this method, the rodents are trapped alive and shifted to another place to make the space rodent-free. The drawback of this method is that you need to take care of the rodents keenly so that they may not turn up again. 

5. Rodenticides

These are chemical-based poisonous substances that help to eradicate rats and mice. Among other methods of rodent control, this one is the least advised. Killing any species may lead to its extinction. Henceforth, it is not preferred. 

In this method, the poisonous substance is placed in a particular place. The fragrance of the bait infuses sensation in the rodents to consume it. Henceforth, once the bait is consumed, it will lead to the death of the creature. Moreover, A brief instruction is mentioned on the wrapper of the rodenticides. 


 1. It should be kept away from children and pets

 2. Keep it in a dry, safe, and secure place

 3. This method is not preferred 

 4. Wash your hands with soap or hand wash in case you have touched the bait.

Must Know Rodent Prevention Tips 

Rodents are the naughtiest creatures. It’s important to follow the right methods and prevention tips to save your ambience from rodents. Below mentioned are a few steps to prevent rodents from infesting your property:

1. Dispose of the waste present at your place on time. Things to keep in mind are leftover food, food tins, plants, and bushes. These are the most tempting things for rodents. 

2. Make sure that your property is sealed from all sides so that there is no loop pole for the rodents to enter.

3. You can also try some DIYs like peeled onion, peppermint oil, and much more to prevent rodents to enter the place

4. Hiring a professional pest control team can be a great choice.

5. Seal the nook and cranny of your place to keep your property rodent-free. 


Killing any creature leads to the inhumane nature of the self. It’s always recommended to use safe and secure methods in order to prevent the extinction of the species. We hope that these methods of rodent control are helpful for you and your ambience to keep safe from rodents. However, if you have no time or do not want to control rodents yourself, feel free to reach out to a nearby professional rodent control company for the best treatment.